( POST GAME ) MARIO CRISTOBAL REACTS TO OREGON’S 37-35 WIN OVER WASHINGTON STATE – ” We’re really proud of the team for just overcoming a lot throughout the course of the game”

When the clock clicked to zeros late Saturday night, it was sheer bedlam from the 59,361 fans who packed Autzen Stadium.

The Ducks ( 7-1 / 5-0 ) vanquished a four game win streak by the Cougars ( 4-4 / 1-4 ) and more importantly the come from behind 37-35 win kept their hopes alive for a Pac-12 Championship and a possibility of making the four team playoff.

The win locked up the Ducks Pac-12 Northern Division crown and elevated Mario Cristobal’s team into the Top 10 ( No. 8 ) in the Associated Press college football poll.

It was a huge night for Cristobal.

It was an even bigger night for the Ducks.

And it was a massive night for freshman place kicker Camden Lewis who knocked in the game winning 26 yard field goal with no time remaining on the clock.

“When it was down at the six.  You know, we felt that let’s try to pop a run, if we can” explained Cristobal when asked about the final game winning drive and centering the ball for a last second kick.

“Then, if we had it there – you know the closer you are when it’s on the hash, it’s still kind of at an angle.   So, we had saved two of our timeouts and felt it was safe to just put it right in the middle and make it easier for the kicker.   He ( Lewis ) hasn’t had a ton of experience in a game-winning situation, so we might as well alleviate a little bit of the angle for him. He went in there cool as can be and got it done.”

Mike Leach and his Cougar Air Raid offense gave the Ducks defense fits most of the night.   The Ducks allowed Anthony Gordon and the Cougar offense to rack up 406 passing yards and three aerial scores.

While the Cougars are 4-4, they’re a much better team than their record shows.    After the game, Leach told the media it was the best game his team had played all season.

And without LB Troy Dye, the Ducks defense had little room for error against an offense that is extremely difficult to defend.

“Well, I guess I liken it to the Veer triple option football down South said Cristobal after the game.

“Remember, like when Paul Johnson was over at Georgia Tech, and nobody wanted to play Georgia Tech. Because you don’t see it, and you only got to see it one time a year and only have two days to prepare for it. So, it’s not going to be second nature. Everybody else’s offense has some type of carryover – guys run inside zones, outside zones, power…they throw four verts…they’ve got their high-low game… they got their progression read passes and whatnot. When you face an offense like this that has leverage throws, that has box count adjustments on the snap, and that can go tempo as well, I mean it’s a very unique offense. When the quarterback is hot and when he has time to throw, it is very difficult.”



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