WEDNESDAY BRIEFING WITH MARIO CRISTOBAL – “I feel like we’re getting better in the way that we practice, I feel like we’re more efficient”

On Wednesday after the teams practice, Oregon coach Mario Cristobal met with members of the media to provide an update heading into Saturday’s contest with the University of Montana. ( 7:45 pm / Pac-12 Network )

Among the many topics discussed, Cristobal provided an update regarding player injuries, specifically WR Juwan Johnson and TE Cam McCormick.

“From an injury standpoint, Juwan ( Johnson ) is still day to day” explained Cristobal.

“We’ll make a decision more towards Friday – Saturday and see how he’s doing.   I think Cam ( McCormick ) is a little bit behind him.  I think Cam will be more of a next week decision.  With that being said, I think you guys saw Schooler ( Brenden ) is already running on land,…doing a lot of stuff in there on that ultra-G with about 80-90% of his body weight – certainly that’s encouraging that he’s on schedule….a little ahead of schedule.”

Cristobal also discussed how quickly many of the Ducks top true freshman are coming along in their practice and game preparations, as well as the offensive fire power of Montana who the Ducks face Saturday in Autzen Stadium.


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