NO LACK OF CONFIDENCE FOR FRESHMAN RECEIVER MYCAH PITTMAN – “I really embrace the physicality of the game and that’s what I really look forward to”

To hear Mycah Pittman speak you wouldn’t know he’s a true freshman.

Not only has he quickly embraced the speed and physicality of college football, he’s also embracing the high level of competition on the field and pushing his fellow receivers and coaches for immediate playing time.

He’s also a player that’s not shy around the media.

“I’m very critical of myself” explained Pittman when talking to the media this week.

“Personally I always feel like I can do better,…even if it looks spectacular I’ll always feel I can one up myself and become better.”

Pittman, a recent graduate of Calabasas High School in southern California, is exactly what this Ducks football team needs in its receiving corps.

A player with supreme confidence, and also a player that can back up that confidence with his play.

“I’m a guy that stayed after every single fall camp” said Pittman when asked about his willingness to go the extra mile to prepare and succeed.

“I’d be there like until eleven sometimes,…and chop it up ( film ) myself.  I just sit there and contemplate on what I could have done better.”

In his senior season at Calabasas Pittman caught 67 balls for 828 yards and 12 scores.   He comes to Oregon as a 4’star recruit with an upside most believe better than the recently departed Dillon Mitchell.

Pittman is brash and feels he can always make the spectacular or most difficult play.

And he despises the thought of dropping a pass which the Ducks became accustomed to last season.

“I’m upset with myself” explained Pittman when asked about a dropped ball in practice.

“I didn’t drop one today, but uh I’ll be 100% honest with you guys,…I ran a little stick route,…it’s what we call it,…my face mask got grabbed and the ball hit my hands so I was looking at the ball like this, and it came out,…and I counted it as a drop.

“In the official world it’s five yards up the chains…but other than that it hit my hands so I counted it as a drop.  I’m really upset….I’m not gonna lie, I almost cried,… I was hurtin’ but it happens.”

It’s that kind of commitment that will make Pittman a player to fear when the season begins August 31st against Auburn.

While Pittman arrives in Eugene with an inherent drive to succeed, he also knows it’s the culture of the Oregon way that will ultimately make he, his receiving unit and the team one to reckon with when the season begins.

“He wants the intensity to be high all the time” said Pittman when asked about the change in culture head coach Mario Cristobal has instilled in practice.

“And that’s what I feel like I bring to the game.  That’s why I believe he likes my intensity that I bring every day.  I’m just consistent with it.   The competition he brings to the receiver group,…to the DB group,…to the linemen group…I mean everyone’s competing for a job.  At the end of the day it’s personal for me.  I want to take care of my family at the end of the day so I’m always at a high go.

“He kinda reminds me how much I want it.  He reminds me how bad I want to succeed and be great for this team and for myself also.”







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