( Video ) PELLUM AND HIS OREGON DEFENSE DEBUT TO MIXED REVIEWS – "I Don’t Think Anything Was Really Great"

After a long awaited off season and some new bells and whistles added to his dossier, Don Pellum and his Oregon defense debuted more to a thud Saturday night rather than a roar which they had hoped for. In fact, after being manhandled in 2013, the expectation ( fair or not ) for this Duck defense against FCS opponent South Dakota was through the roof however it didn’t attract the reviews Pellum and his position coaches were hoping for. “No one, at least from the sideline … played great,” explained Pellum when asked to critique his defenses performance. “Just a lot of guys making plays but no one really stood out.”

An area of the game where Pellum campaigns and coaches hardest is his teams ‘effort’. Throughout the four weeks of fall camp Pellum banged the drum loudest when asked about how his unit performed in their effort and focus. On Saturday, Pellum certainly seemed disappointed with his teams discipline in those areas. “I think if you asked our players most of them would tell you that our intensity, the way we like to shed, throw and go, the way we like to move, it was inconsistent” said Pellum in his post game comments. “We’re expecting a much faster,… dynamic team. At times it showed a little bit but it wasn’t consistent and obviously we have to get it consistent.” Although the Ducks held South Dakota scoreless in the second half ( primarily with backups ), what seemed to be lacking was a consistency in the way the Ducks attacked. “There were some good adjustments that we made as we went along,” said Pellum.” “We started stopping some of the things we were seeing, so I think we got better. … There were some spurts,… some series where it started to look right. But overall, that wasn’t consistent enough.” 

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