The Oregon Ducks, well known for their tempo and lightening fast speed, won’t be making any wholesale offensive changes anytime soon – that according to second year offensive coordinator Scott Frost.

Frost, himself a former quarterback and offensive wunderkind, spoke Saturday about the Ducks 2014 identity and continuing to ramp up the speed of this offense.

“It’s kind of cliche maybe,…but we have a saying yesterday’s fast is today’s slow” explained Frost when asked about the Ducks tempo so far during this fall camp.

“Sometimes when we go out there what we think feels slow was fast last year,…and really fast the year before so we’re always trying to set a new standard with that. We’re pushing the tempo as much as we can,…I think our guys are getting there but we’re not quite where we want to be yet.”

As for the identity of this Oregon team, Frost said not much is expected to change.

“I don’t think a whole lot is going to change this year” said Frost after Saturday’s afternoon workout session.

“We set the standard for the guys,…they continue to meet that standard and reach for new standards but we’re certainly not going to make wholesale changes with anything we do.”

VIDEO; Watch the Scott Frost press briefing by clicking on the box above.






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