FALL CAMP 2014 – MARCUS MARIOTA ANXIOUS FOR SEASON OPENER – “This Is One of the Best Fall Camps I’ve been a Part of Since I’ve Gotten Here”

After Thursdays final full pad scrimmage inside of Autzen Stadium, the realization that ‘game week’ is right around the corner for this Oregon team was certainly noticeable especially with Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Marcus Mariota.

After three long weeks of fall camp that also included daily doses of heat filled workouts, Mariota said he’s ready and that his sights are zeroed in on a Pac-12 conference championship and an invitation into the national playoff final four.

“It’s the number one goal” explained Mariota when asked about his hunger to win a championship.

“We want to be able to come out of the conference this year,…we haven’t been able to do it the last couple of years,…and be part of that national playoff picture. That’s our goal….we’re really motivated. This is one of the best fall camps I’ve been a part of since I’ve gotten here. We’re honestly really excited to just get out there and play.”

With the official close of fall camp, Mariota and the No. 3 Ducks can now look forward to game planning against South Dakota and taking the field for real on Saturday August 30th.

“I think myself and a lot of these guys,…these veterans, they’re pretty anxious to get going and play” said Mariota after Thursday’s scrimmage.

“I know guys are tired of hitting each other,…it’s the last day of fall camp. Now we’re a team again,…we’ve always been a team but we have to prepare for another opponent and like I said we’re really excited for it.”

VIDEO: Watch the Marcus Mariota press briefing by clicking on the video box above.





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