CHIP KELLY: Discusses USC Deflated Football Scandal, Facing Cal and 4th Down Percentages

As game week for the Cal Bears comes to a close, members of the media had their final opportunity to speak with Oregon head coach Chip Kelly on Thursday morning.

As they have all week, the Ducks practiced inside of the Moshofsky Center in shells and practiced situational drills according to the Duck coaching staff.

While Kelly and his team continued their preparations for Cal, most of Thursday’s post practice press briefing revolved around the scandal and dismissal of a USC team manager who intentionally deflated footballs to gain an advantage during Oregon’s game last Saturday against the Trojans.

Kelly addressed the allegations by saying he was made aware of the situation but said it had nothing to do with his team and it had no impact on the game from his point of view. “It had no effect” said Kelly.

“What was difficult was number 9, number 7 and number 2” Kelly said with a smile. Kelly obviously referring to Marquis Lee, Matt Barkley and Robert Woods.

Also, Kelly was greeted by a 6th grader from Fern Ridge Middle School named Henry who attended Thursday’s press briefing as a student journalist.

A lot is made of Kelly’s sometimes abrasive behavior towards the media, but on Thursday Kelly was playful and extremely attentive to the newest member of the Oregon press corps.

While Henry was a bit shy to ask a question to the Oregon coach, Kelly turned the tables on the young journalist and asked who his favorite Duck is. Henry quickly said “De’Anthony.” Said Kelly, “good pick.”

( Watch Chip Kelly’s post practice interview by clicking the video box above )


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