Spring Practice – Day #4 OREGON WRAPS WEEK #1 OF SPRING PRACTICE Kelly Say’s He’s Pleased With The Progress

YouTubeThe Oregon Ducks wrapped their first week of spring football practice on Saturday and from all accounts ( players & coaches ), it was an extremely beneficial week.


For the second day in a row, the Ducks worked out in full pads in the Moshofsky Center and actually extended their workout to about 2 hours and 20 minutes instead of the scheduled 2 hours. Kelly said it was a good day, and a good week. “A lot more situational” said Kelly. “Real competitive day. We got a little more physical today. But they were good.”


With this being the very first week of spring football practice, Kelly paid special attention to his teams effort since it was their first back to back practice in full pads. “It’s a different schedule for us. Last year we practiced Monday, Wednesday and Friday so we had a day off between practices. This year because of how the calendar falls we’re going 4 days a week so to come after a padded practice and another one today I thought they did a good job.”


Kelly and his coaching staff have scheduled 15 practices in 26 days and with the strict NCAA rules regarding the amount of time a team can practice in the spring, Kelly stressed it’s importart to make each practice session count. “You only get X amount of practices” said Kelly. “So we’re 4 in. And we only get 15 so you got to make sure they all count.”


Kelly also discussed who the standouts have been after watching tape of the first 3 practices and the difficulty of scheduling practice sessions with all of the other external obligations the program has.

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